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Whether you need business guidance, marketing planning, or an agency to just do the work, we enable growth. Working with us is a chance to work with a team who has literally marketed companies to well over 20 Million in revenue.

Need more profitable customers? Need more revenue? Simple. Let’s get started.

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Ultimately, we care about getting you more leads, more profitable customers, and more revenue. Simple.

Our clients come to us because they need marketing that is proven to work. Our team grew up on marketing automation, SiriusDecisions frameworks, and metrics - we just get it. We focus on lead generation using the power of the internet to our customer's advantage. Our digital marketing services include lead-generation strategy, SEO services, website design, and social media management. 

We can work with you on marketing strategy, content marketing, social media, demand generation, sales enablement, website development and maintenance, and lead generation programs.  We also have Marketing Consultants that can assist with customer acquisition strategy.  

We aren't just modern marketers; we are pragmatic marketers too.

 Yes, we have a lot of creative juices flowing in our team, but make no mistake, we also love the data. We use data to help keep us moving in the right direction.

The other advantage of our focus on measurable returns is that it removes our egos from making decisions. It doesn't matter how awesome a campaign looks if it doesn't serve our customers.


Our Philosophy...

 A Hammer or a Swiss Army Knife?

By providing a service that is tailored, customized, and personalized, we help you cut through the fat to get to the heart of the issue. When you work with a service provider that treats each client as one and the same, you receive a generic service that doesn’t respond to your needs in any meaningful way. If you have a hammer, then everything looks like a nail.

We offer a broad range of proven marketing strategies needed in a changing and fast-paced business environment. With proven experience and a technology agnostic attitude, we make our decisions based on what is best for your business.

The Maguire Marketing Group is different, though. By offering a diverse range of services, we deftly respond to the individual needs of each client. If other marketing agencies are hammers, then we’re a Swiss army knife. Which would you prefer?

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