4 Quick Hacks to Generate Qualified Leads by Creating a Compelling Offer

4 Quick Hacks to Generate Qualified Leads by Creating a Compelling Offer

Jun 28, 2021

When you're ready to make a purchase and can't decide between two brands, a tempting offer might encourage you to pick one brand over another.  


Let me give you an example. 


I used to purchase my glasses from a specific retailer's website. They were trustworthy and provided free delivery; however, they began applying a charge for shipping. As a result, I went online to look at several other options. I was able to limit it to two seemingly trustworthy merchants that both provided good quality glasses and prices, but only one offered free delivery.  


Which website do you think I started purchasing from? 


Now you know the importance of a compelling offer, ask yourself, what's the connection between this and lead generation? An appealing offer might help you filter down your list of leads to qualified leads when you concentrate your efforts and resources on those leads who have a higher possibility of becoming a customer.  


The best offer is determined by what the consumer considers to be valued.  

In some ways, it's just subjective.  

Someone else's definition of "captivating" could not be the same as yours. It might be a no-cost consultation for certain people, and it might be a discount for others. A worthwhile offer will provoke people's interest while also resolving an issue.  


Above all, a generous offer may encourage consumers to provide you with their contact information in return for that offer. Here are some suggestions about how to make a fantastic offer.  


1. Be Simple and Specific:

 In your headline and body material, use simple, succinct language. To keep your message focused on the offer, including the information that is required.  


2. Make the right offer at the right time: 

Depending on where a consumer is in their decision-making process, several offers may be available. If the buyer is comparing a few companies at first, you may provide a free PDF copy of "lead generation ideas" to help them trust your brand. Alternatively, if the buyer is ready to buy right now, you may give a discount. People may be persuaded to act swiftly by using action-oriented verbs, limited supplies, or a limited-time offer.  


3. Put the offer in the right places:

 i.e., where the consumer is looking for that particular information. Are they on the lookout for a deal on social media, through email, or via a referral? This knowledge aids you in determining where your offer should be promoted. The truth is that there are individuals out there who might scam you by phishing or sending you links that will infect your machine with a virus. As a result, the trustworthiness of any offer is an advantage.  


4. Put your company's information out there:

 Include your firm's phone number, address, and website link to identify yourself as a reputable organization. Trust is built based on client testimonials or the number of individuals who have taken advantage of your offer so far. If your firm has been certified or sponsored by a respectable organization or received awards, this is also helpful information to mention.  


There's also no need to re-invent the wheel each time you wish to advertise a deal. If you come upon an offer that works well, then repeat it! 


Create a compelling offer that helps in the identification of qualified leads. When they are ready to purchase, this will attract them and help pick your brand over others. But, If you are not prepared to go through all of these steps.  


Book a meeting with us; we will make this process quick and easy for you.