Bricks and Mortar, to Global Online Strategy

Aug 12, 2019

So, let’s say you have a successful bricks and mortar company, with a strong brand and loyal customers. Now, you want to transition your business to add online services in order to reach more people, and create a better work/life balance for yourself?

It is possible to do both. Just ask Leanne Monaghan, personal trainer and founder of Staying Alive Fitness in Halton Hills, Ontario. Leanne is in the process of successfully making the transition to online Wellness Coach, thanks in part—if we must say so ourselves—to some terrific marketing strategy, planning and implementation. 


Making the online transition

When Leanne first came to Maguire Marketing Group, she’d been in business 11 years. Leanne had touched many lives through superb facilities and classes offered at her gym. A new strategy for retaining existing customers and winning back former clients strengthened her business, so she was ready for the next step —an online coaching service.

Leanne had established herself as a champion for helping individual clients take back their health through healthy behavior change goals in areas such as stress management, healthy eating, active lifestyle, and sleep habits. “I knew that I wanted to do something so I could reach more people,” says Leanne, “I just needed to know how to get there.” 

The Maguire Marketing Group team stepped up to the plate once again. They helped her identify her target market for an online service, and put a strategy and plan in place. This led to a new brand—"Staying Alive Well”, an enhanced social media plan, and PR to boost Leanne’s profile beyond the gym. Implementation included a media kit, which already has resulted in a regular spot for Leanne on CHCH television and multiple corporate speaking opportunities. 


Getting to know Leanne through social media

With social media working on her behalf, Leanne is now being introduced by a much wider audience. Instagram videos, for example, provide insight into her personality and her approach. “It gives me a chance to channel my inner Rocky”, she laughs. 

Backed by an already successful bricks and mortar business, the use of social media is a powerful combination. “I can honestly say to people, ‘catch me at the gym’ and mean it,” she says, “which really backs up my credibility as a wellness coach”. 

The transition is still in progress, but Leanne is excited about her  success to date. Knowing that she no longer has to be at the gym six days a week, Leanne has now hired a fitness director to manage the facility and  can focus on the wellness side of her business. “We’re still in transition, but coaching and speaking opportunities are my focus now” she says, “And now I feel like there is so much opportunity to help even more  people!” 

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