Stupidest Social Media Activities

Oct 10, 2019

At the risk of offending anyone, here it is, our bi-annual “stupid” list: social media activities that waste time, make you look unprofessional, risk total brand damage—and worst of all, don’t lead to growth or sales.


1.     Going hashtag crazy

Pasting 25 plus hashtags into each of your posts may get you more likes and followers for a short while – and hey, that might make you feel good—but don't do it! You’ll either attract likes from fake people, like “bots” --- ug. Or, you’ll attract fake likes from real people. Also, ug.

Pick hashtags strategically. Research each well so you know they are right for your audience. Err on the side of caution, number-wise: all the research says 2-3 per post is best for Facebook and LinkedIn, no more. Need to go crazy - then put that effort into Instagram where you can go up to 30!


2.     Over-loving yourself

Self-love may be good practice for boosting self-esteem but don’t “heart” your own posts. Again, false engagement is no engagement (ya sometimes it happens… blush).

“Heart” when you mean it—directed at other people’s posts, and ideally, with comments that build a sincere relationship. And when others “heart” you back, don’t let it go to your head. Revenue is the only metric that tells you if you’re doing well, not social media love.


3.     Auto directing what to do

Annoying auto direct messages on social media often say things like “Thank you for following me on Instagram, or Please check me out on Facebook and Twitter.” These push the limits of everyone’s patience. They take up valuable time, assume people are using certain platforms when they’re not, and let the world know your company is too lazy to appreciate a new influencer with a human reply.

We live at a time when over half of the world is constantly tweeting, posting and uploading. Finding ways to personalize your message is one of the best ways to get noticed and attracting true engagement. Don’t blow it with an automated reply!


4.     AND FINALLY, the worst: Buying followers!

You mean, you can actually do that? You bet. It’s easy, it’s cheap, and it is stupid!

Make no mistake: These followers are NOT your ideal audience. They may not even be actual people: in most cases, bots and zombie accounts (inactive accounts that have been taken over by bots). There’s also a case for integrity here. Having “real” followers is part of your brand trust for your customers. Furthermore, if you get caught with fake followers, you risk having your Instagram account purged or permanently banned.

 Buying followers increases your chances of spam and can actually decrease your visibility. The clever algorithms in Facebook and Instagram notice when “fake” followers don’t engage with your content, which in turn, reduces the chances that your posts show up in your followers’ organic news feed. Plus, a whole batch of “bought” followers lulls you into a false sense of security that you have actual prospects interested in your product or service, when in truth, you may have none.

But most of all, buying followers is entirely the opposite of good marketing strategy, where you build your ideal target audience through engagement and interaction. Don’t mess with that! It works, and it keeps you on top of how you are doing as a business, where you need to adjust, and what you need to do to increase growth with your real influencers!


When it comes to Social Media there is an overwhelming amount of information out there, and no one expects you to keep track of all of it. This guide is a simple list to help you along your journey, but if you feel you need more hands on deck to grow your business, at Maguire Marketing Group we have a team of professionals at the ready to help you reach your goals.