The Mortgage Coach: Mortgage agent starts her own firm and scores award in first year!

Oct 31, 2019

Meaghan Hastings spent over a decade working as a mortgage agent, helping homeowners in Toronto with new home financing, mortgage renewals and mortgage refinancing. Her goal, however, was to open her own firm, based on a model of collaboration and teamwork that she believed would result in real benefit to her clients.

This past January 1, it all came together. Meaghan opened her own brokerage firm, The Mortgage Coach, with a team of 4 agents. She then did what many entrepreneurs do—decided to tackle her own digital marketing strategy and plan through social media and her new website.

“That was a mistake,” says Meaghan, “I didn’t really know what I was doing. It wasn’t long before I realized that I needed help.” That’s when Maguire Marketing Group entered the picture. Meaghan signed up for the GROW program, which would give her access to a marketing team ready, eager and able to help her reach her goals.


Measure results so you know what’s working!

The team started with an audit so they could see what was going on (it’s all part of our fixation on using actual metrics so what is recommend is actually going to generate results and not just look pretty). The audit measured various factors related to the company’s digital presence. Each of these impacts the effectiveness of tools such as Facebook, ads, a webpage, etc. by measuring each of the following questions:

Listings: Can consumers (your target audience) find your business?

Reviews: Does the business have enough reviews to maximize its online presence?

Social Media: Do consumers like your business?

Website: Is the website converting visitors?

Advertising: Do consumers know about your business?

The audit results (except for the website) weren’t very good. It convinced Meaghan that something had to be done, and it wouldn’t be done by her. Meaghan set her goals for growth, and the Maguire Maguire Group team began to work its magic—increasing digital presence.  By October, there was a remarkable change—the audit score increased by 30%; there was real proof to demonstrate the results. By October, Meaghan’s brokerage firm had grown from 4 to 29 agents.


Flowers all ‘round to everyone

“We’ve had some really key wins,” she says, “the improvement in our digital presence made a really, really big difference in our success.”


Meaghan’s not alone in noticing the difference. On October 21st, The Mortgage Coach was named a 2019 Top Brokerage by Canadian Mortgage Professionals (CMP), and Meaghan Hastings named as a Woman of Influence by CMP. The Mortgage Coach mortgage agent starts her own firm and scores!

Growing your business may seem daunting at first, and deciding what to focus on can easily become a challenge. It’s important to have some support in key areas of growth. Maguire Marketing Group has a team of people committed to helping your business grow, so book your complimentary session and start your way to score big as well.