Those Crazy (and Latest) Internet Stats

Jul 01, 2019

Drum roll please……..

One of the most anticipated trend reports of the season landed on the desks of marketing data nerds this June 11—all 333 slides! The Internet Trends 2019 report, created by American venture capitalist and former Wall Street securities analyst, Mary Meeker, is a Silicon valley highlight for the state of the internet and online advertising.

It’s a lot to wade through, so in the interest of short, interesting blogs, here are a few “fun” highlights. Some are helpful for supporting your own digital marketing efforts; others just make for great cocktail party conversation.

Mobile vs. Internet

For the first time, North Americans spent more time on their mobile devices than they did watching TV. an average of 226 minutes (over 3.5 hours) compared to 216 minutes on TV.

Online vs. Offline

And for the first time, more than half of the global population were identified as internet users—that’s 3.8 billion people or 51 percent of everyone on Earth now connected to the internet.

Picture this

More people are using images to communicate, e.g. over 50 percent of all tweets now include images. People are also taking more pictures than ever, as reflected in the popularity of platforms such as Instagram for amplifying visual digital communication.

 Screen time

North American adults spend an average of 6.3 hours per day interacting with digital media—mostly split between mobile devices at 3.6 hours and desktop/laptop computers at two hours. This was more than double the amount in 2010.

 Click to pay

E-commerce and online advertising continue to grow, with e-commerce now contributing to 15% of all retail sales. What’s most interesting about this growth is that it isn’t just coming from offline sales shifting to online, or customers visiting retailers’ websites to make purchases. Consumers in both B2B and B2C are finding new ways to shop online in various different forms through various apps and services.

Free or go home

Along with e-commerce, the demand for fast, convenient delivery has risen rapidly (think Amazon Prime). Increasingly, the speed and quality of deliveries are becoming a differentiator for companies. 

Get personal

And finally, customers increasingly are demanding personalization. According to the collected data, over 90% of customers prefer brands with personalized offers; over 80% willing to passively share data for personalized experiences, and over 70% willing to actively share data for the same purpose. This comes at a time when security and privacy remains a concern, and proper encryption is a must.

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(Note: All stats were collected in 2018, and where the report says “Americans”, we’ve substituted North Americans because the dataset is so similar).