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Whether your campaign is B2B account-based marketing, direct mail, or lead generation, our expert marketers can develop the content and strategy to ensure your team executes with success.

At Maguire Marketing Group, we know that no campaign is “one-size-fits-all,” so tell us a bit about what you’re looking for, and we’ll book you for a complimentary strategy session.

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Reasons to Develop Your Next Launch with a Marketing Agency

1. You’ll Want a 360 Approach for Success

Unlike an advertising or a social media campaign which looks at one piece, developing a marketing campaign requires looking at the entire picture of your operation and sales process in order to leverage all available marketing opportunities towards brand awareness, product sales, or whatever your campaign is focused upon.

For example, your business may have a website, email marketing list, social media channels, webinar scripts, SEO-friendly content and more that will be important to look at holistically and make decisions about which, when, how, and for how long those individual parts will be leveraged leading up to your launch. The decisions made will become your marketing strategy. And since each tool to leverage will cost time and money to organize and execute, it’s important to be making data-driven decisions when putting together your strategy so you’ll increase your odds of success. A professional marketing agency should not only have the tools to measure this kind of data but also the industry experience to be able to read and predict the data accurately, setting your launch for success.


2. You’ll Want to Plan Your Goals

We’ve all heard of SMART goals (specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, and time-bound), but are you applying them to your campaigns?

The advantage of planning your next campaign with a professional marketer is that they’ll work with you to specify your goals such that they can be measured at intervals during your campaign against predetermined KPIs (key performance indexes). This is vital to keeping your campaign on the right track during the campaign run.

For example, you should be looking at the specifics of your messaging and content, the budget you have for each leg of the campaign and any ads you may start running before and after launch. Also, you’ll be setting time-bound milestone goals for the various parts of your campaign and creating nimble alternatives should the initial goals not be met.

All of this diligent planning can be made much easier and straight-forward when you enlist professional development support.


3. You’ll Want to Enter Your Campaign with Great Creative Assets

Whether it’s an optimized website, a sleek video presentation, fantastic graphics or professionally curated brand images, you’re going to want to enter your campaign with high-level creative assets. These assets will be used as the marketing aids to move your new audience from just fresh new eyes to prospective customers and then, hopefully, customers.

When you work with a professional marketing agency on developing your campaign, they will be able to help you improve or design new creative assets that make your campaign stand out and grab new attention.

We take you where you want to grow!

We are a boutique digital marketing agency providing business and revenue growth for Software, Technology, B2B, and Professional Services Companies.

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We take you where you want to grow!

We are a boutique agency focused on Lead Generation. Our specialty is B2B and Professional Service Companies.


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