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We as marketers recommend businesses to take a look into the key elements of their marketing plan annually.

With that being said, the marketing guide and templates that we provide will help make your life easier by giving you step-by-step instructions on how to keep track of your competitors, target audience, email marketing metrics, and so much more!

Introducing the...

Marketing Plan Package 

Your step-by-step manual and guide to get you up and running with a mapped-out marketing approach to boost your business. 

Use it as a field guide going forward to focus on actions that will bring you leads.

By the time you get to the end of all of the packages, you’ll be able to…

Go from beginner to competent marketer

Understand the health of your current lead generation strategies

Create a plan focused on generating profitable leads

Identify which strategies deserve a spot in your marketing plan

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Get Your Marketing Plan Ready Guide (more templates)

Marketing Plan & Sales Plan Templates (Word Doc)



Check out how the Marketing Plan helped clients better their business...

Our business was doing well but we knew that we could do more in Sales. The Marketing Plan helped us get laser-focused so that we could look at funnel development and e-courses in a different way. Maguire Marketing Group knows what they are doing!

Michelle Daides
Director and Producer

The Marking Plan by Michelene Maguire of Maguire Marketing Group helped me identify my target market for a new online service and put a strategy and plan into place! 

Leanne Monaghan
High-Performance Coach

The Marketing Plan is designed for professionals like...









...and other coaches, consultants, educators, or trainers who serve clients and are looking for a reliable do-it-yourself way to bring steady leads into their growing business.

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If even one idea generates one more customer, then your investment is more than worth it. But, if after 30 days, you can't already see how implementing these ideas will set you up to bring more visibility to your business, then let us know. Simply email [email protected] and show us that you implemented all our recommendations–and we’ll refund your full investment. 

Meet Mich Maguire:

Michelene Maguire is a tech-savvy marketing leader known as the Lead Queen, focused on lead generation to amplify business revenue. The key behind her success is that she is customer-focused and is driven by business growth. After working for many years as a marketing leader in the software industry, Michelene formed her own marketing agency Maguire Marketing Group specializing in lead generation. She is best known for building companies up to 25 million in revenue by creating and strengthening demand generation engines. 

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