Mastermind for Marketing Leaders

The B2B Marketing Leader Mastermind group is dedicated to your personal growth while supporting you to meet your company's revenue targets.


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Mastermind for Marketing Leaders

The B2B Marketing Leader Mastermind group is dedicated to your personal growth while supporting you to meet your companies revenue targets.

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Grow in your marketing role while gaining powerful peer insights. 

As a marketing leader, you are balancing the creative and strategic, while safeguarding bottom lines and staying accountable to other departments every day. 

You are continually at the centre of a fast-paced environment where data-informed decisions need to be made quickly and real results need to follow.

With all eyes looking to you for direction and recommendations, where are you turning for new ideas, ‘out-of-the-box’ thinking, professional sound boarding, support, and the countless other resources that would help you produce better results in your role?

Where can you find your peer marketers?


The Marketing Leader Mastermind group is dedicated to your professional growth while supporting you to meet your company’s targets. 

Join our 8-week, B2B Marketing Leader Mastermind program with Senior Marketer, Michelene Maguire and be guided through the “stretch” of strategic thinking, metric compares and creative ideation sessions, as well as the goal setting and accountability required to grow in your role as an industry leader. 

Within this intensive program you’ll be able to access one-on-one laser coaching as well as benefit from peer idea exchange to strengthen your creative and competitive advantage while growing your network of fellow ambitious marketers.

Learn and share alongside your peers who will act as your cheerleaders, advisory group, and number one problem solvers as you step more fully into your leadership role. 

The Mastermind for Marketing Leaders is a facilitated group specifically designed for the professionally ambitious who are serious about creating measurable results.

Next Session Runs From September 14th to November 9th (11:00-12:30 EST)

Investment: $1800

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A Note from Your Facilitator

I have been where you are!

As your facilitator and marketing champion, I bring the best and the breadth of my 20+ years of industry experience to our work together in this Mastermind, because I know what it’s like to need creative and strategic support when you’re in a lead marketing role.

With decades of work experience, we can work through any messaging or branding challenges you may be facing and find the solutions that lead to better outcomes. 

Having come up as a marketing executive within multi-national companies, we can easily work through any sales/marketing challenges, obstacles within team delegation, questions surrounding partners and affiliates, and more – while also comparing metrics and participating in rich idea exchanges with your fellow lead marketers. 

I will guide you and respectfully push you to challenge any limiting beliefs, narratives, or unearthed possibilities that could be holding you back as you seek to grow in your role. And you’ll have the entire group to support and keep you accountable through whatever issue you bring to the mastermind.  

As your Mastermind coach, proven CEO, and a marketing champion, I have your back every step of the way. 

I can’t wait to see you in the next Mastermind!

Michelene Maguire

You’re the right fit for our Mastermind if you long for growth and… 

Want to meet targets no matter the current economy or climate.

Have the strong desire and willingness to meaningfully exchange with other super-smart marketers, sharing ideas, concepts and strategies. 

Yearn to collaborate and participate in the safe (yet, ambitious) environment set by the Mastermind group.

Yes! I am ready to grow and hit my targets!

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About The Facilitator:

Michelene Maguire is a bright and tech-savvy marketing leader focused on lead generation in order to amplify revenue. The key behind her success is that she is customer-focused and is driven by business growth. After working for many years as a marketing leader in the software industry, Michelene created her own marketing agency Maguire Marketing Group that specializes in lead generation. She is best known for building companies up to 25 million in revenue by creating demand generation engines. Her nickname is “the lead queen”.  In addition, she also has built an online community called Women Growing Empires which includes over 1500 CEO’s, and actively runs Masterminds and Programs that focus on growth. She is also an author and her book “Get More Customers Using Google My Business” is available on Amazon.

About Masterminds:

The original Mastermind course was developed by Napoleon Hill, author of the renowned book - Think and Grow Rich. The course agenda belongs to the group, and each person’s participation is key to everyone else’s success. With the help of a facilitator, your peers give you feedback, help you brainstorm new possibilities, and set up accountability structures that keep you focused and on track. This means you will become part of an interactive community of fellow marketing leaders who will brainstorm together to move the whole group to new heights.

Ready to get started?

We would love for you to join us.

As we screen each member to ensure they’ll be a fit for the group, please provide us with your information so we can book you for a complimentary introduction session. Within your introductory session, we will assess the goals you’re looking to achieve within the Mastermind in order to ensure that all expectations are aligned. 

Still deciding?

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