Our Team

We are a Full-Service Digital Marketing Agency

We are a revenue-driven Marketing Agency focused on software and technology companies. Our emphasis is on creating content, generating demand, and enabling sales.

Everything we work on utilizes budget with maximum efficiency, but at the core of our team, we are just a group of talented, happy (and often funny) individuals that work super hard at making sure we create the very best outcomes for our customers.


Meet Our Founder

Michelene Maguire, Marketing Strategist

With over 15 years delivering Go-to-market Plans and Campaigns, I’m passionate, you could even say fanatical, about wanting businesses to grow. When the leads pour in, it’s the most satisfying moment because your success is the reason I do what I do. 

As the owner of a marketing agency focused specifically on growth through strategy and execution, funnel development, and measurable results, I’m always thinking about growth. With a team of experts in strategy, writing, design, social media, digital marketing tools, and analytics, we offer business, large or small, a way to supercharge profitable growth through:

• Tactical strategies for reaching your best customers with campaigns woven together and amplified through digital channels

• Expertise in picking the right technology for your business for marketing automation, content management, and social platforms

• Creating engaging creative content (lead magnets) that leads to action.

Meet our Team

Marketing Consultants, B2B Writers, Designers, Developers

David Adeite

Our "Design Man"

With 20 years of design experience, David is the heart of our design services. He is known for his critical eye and his demand for excellence.




Ethan Childs

Our "Copywriter and Word Man"

A dog man, a craft brewer, and a very talented writer, Ethan is known for his sharp eye and his clean vocabulary




Beth Parker

Our Secret “Ghostwriter”

Beth Parker loves the taking on of someone else's voice in order to tell their story. A true ghostwriter, she's responsible for various business books (and we can't tell you which ones). She also loves ghosting various content as long as she remains invisible.

Alan Sharpe

Our “B2B Inbound Writer”

Alan wrote his first piece of B2B copy in 1991. That’s not a typo. Today, Alan writes inbound content that helps our clients attract, engage and convert leads into customers.


Josh Hansen

Our “Salesforce” Expert

Josh usually has his head in the clouds. Whether it’s Sales Cloud, Service Cloud or Marketing Cloud, he dreams big (and delivers) when it comes to helping clients leverage the Salesforce.com platform.

Addie Grumbach

Our Digital Specialist

Addie is a go getter. She can figure out any technology that you put in front of her. She also has an innate way of never complaining so our customers love her!


Chin Na Tu

Our Operations Specialist

Chin Na keeps things connected and manages the business's workflow. She is a fast learner and is always available for assistance. She also helps with a lot of technology setup.

Our specialties include:

Marketing strategy, Demand generation, Qualified sales leads, Content marketing, Inbound marketing, Automated marketing, Sales Enablement, Engage visitor traffic, Lead conversion, Web marketing, Digital content and Sales funnels.

We are excited to have won
a few awards too!

We take you where you want to grow!

We are a boutique agency focused on Lead Generation. Our specialty is working with Software, Technology, B2B, and Professional Service Companies.


375 University Avenue, suite 102, Toronto, ON, M5G 2J5, Canada


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